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PROject GOLFacademy Membership

We want to be more than just the academy teaching you golf. We want to be a part of your golfing life and invite you to be part of ours. Among various membership forms, the PROject GOLFclub (link) also provides a special Academy Membership.

The academy membership is based around a weekly training program with 2 weekly, optional trainings times from April through to October. Wednesdays from 6pm and Saturdays from 12 noon our members are invited to practice and socialize amongst other members. Practice will always be accompanied by one or more professionals, who will work continuously to improve your game throughout the season and also put together a training plan with different themes every week.

In addition to the weekly practice sessions the PGclub also offers various member events throughout the season as well as golf travel opportunities.

The annual membership fee is just 468,00 € and includes:

  • Two free weekly group trainings between April and October
  • 10% discount on clubs bought through the academy
  • Free Clubfitting with purchase
  • 5,00 € discount on all private lessons
  • 10% discount on selected golf travel offers
  • Invitation to take part in all PGclub member events

The membership runs annually from the 1st of January to the 31st of December.

Academy Trainingsinhalte 2019

KW 14 Raus aus dem Winter - Basics

KW 15 Neue Golfregeln

KW 16 1 Chip & 1 Putt

KW 17 Nie mehr 3-Putts!

KW 18 Kurze Bunkerschläge

KW 19 Vorbereitung & Schlagroutine

KW 20 Lange Drives

KW 21 Hohe Annäherungsschläge

KW 22 Zielgenau Putten

KW 23 Lange Bunkerschläge

KW 24 Risiko & Nutzen

KW 25 Eisen ins Grün

KW 26 Annähern aus dem Rough

KW 27 Putten unter Druck

KW 28 Bunker - Schwierige Lagen

KW 29 Spielsituationen richtig einschätzen

KW 30 Der Punch

KW 31 Chip & Run

KW 32 saubere Kontakte

KW 33 Putten Längenkontrolle

KW 34 Ball im Spiel halten

KW 35 Trouble shots

KW 36 Hölzer vom Boden

KW 37 Alles über Wedges

KW 38 Schlagvarianten

KW 39 Speed-Training

KW 40 Putten Richtungskontrolle

KW 41 Mental game

KW 42 Schlagweite vs. Richtung

KW 43 nasser Bunker

KW 44 Gestaltung Wintertraining