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A course just like the countryside

Sylt is Sylt. Sylt is wind and nature, not heat and Disneyworld. This is the North Sea and not the Caribbean. This is a links course and not a parkland course. Here you have to master the game with all the elements, target golf is found elsewhere. The game is played on a sand dune, not on peat. The name of the dune: Budersand

Budersand is a golfimg challenge - the second hardest course in Germany. This may intimidate some, but thousands of golfers who have played this course, praise this pieces of land between the seas, for its design, the unforgettable views, the pristine condition and the service provided.

Budersand is a true links course and it plays just as such. This means playing golf with the elements, but it also means making new experiences: deal with pot bunkers and find a way out; how far the ball rolls on the hard fairways, feel the crisp ball contact that a well-hit iron delivers; cheer, when you hit the green at the right place and the ball finds its way to the flag. High balls are blown away by the wind.” Keeping the ball low”, is the correct motto. Putting from twenty meters off the green is not an issue as Scottish golfers will gladly advise you. True "links golf" demands and promotes creativity.

Links Golf is a unique nature experience – especially at Budersand. On this patch of land in the south of Sylt, golf is played as it originated in Scotland. In the midst of nature, always exposed to the elements, every day and every round is different. The entire dune, by the way the second largest on Sylt, is practically a single biotope and so each hole is surrounded by sand, with beach grass and heath.

Following the classical example of St. Andrews' s, the paths between the green and the next tee are short, there are no long hikes. The starting times are every 12 minutes, so nobody feels rushed and you find time to let your eyes wander over the Sea. Budersand - a piece of Scotland in the south of Sylt.

In February 2009, a few months after its opening in July 2008, Golf Club Budersand Sylt received the award for "Best New Golf Course in Germany" from the renowned GOLFmagazin. Today, the newcomer is well established among Germany's top courses: in 2010 and in 2012, it was named Germany's third best golf course. In 2018 Budersand made the leap to the top and was named the best course in Germany by Golf Digest.